Addison Design Studio

The design staff of this branding agency works in a free-flowing configuration while generous, varied spaces are dedicated to open space for collaboration and informal interaction. Between the desk and shared spaces is a bamboo panel / projection screen wall. The elongated screen serves presentations and general ambiance, and in the library it enables large-scale web browsing for brainstorming designers. Several discrete spaces are set aside for getting away to think and create. The studio is designed to save resources, both materials and money. Unlike typical office buildouts, which are routinely demolished and discarded, the entire interior structure, supporting ducts, electrical/lighting, and partitions, is fabricated from bolted strut to allow for reconfiguration or disassembly and reuse. The major partition material is bamboo plywood, a renewable resource. The workstation lights are simple lampbases with circline fluorescent lamps in a custom-cast, one-piece, removable reflector. A 12ft wide pivoting bamboo panel regulates the entry. It may be left open to connect with the management side of the office or closed to protect the designers from wandering clients.