Milestone Venture Partners

An Internet venture fund wants to transform a tight, low-slung slice of midtown space into a suitable environment for high-tech finance. Three loosely affiliated companies share the space. The problem was to transform a conventional office layout into a layered, luminous space with a sense of infinite depth. MESH divided the private offices with glowing Lumasite (fiberglass-reinforced acrylic) clad walls packed out with data, power, and television cable. The walls provide both physical storage and electr(on)ic connectivity. They continue into the corridor as ambient light boxes. Phase two calls for the installation of flat-panel displays into the walls, to continually track the firm’s investments in Web space.Perpendicular to these, the walls dividing the offices and corridor are of structural glass/honeycomb-core composite panels (an experimental material – this is the first-ever installation). The panels provide a degree of transparency that shifts in relation to viewing angle and distance.