Multi Contents Center

The Multi Contents Center is an office building for a consortium of media companies in Seoul’s Digital Media City (DMC), a visionary, high-concept office park. MESH’s winning competition entry, designed in collaboration with Gansam Partners, takes on two challenges: (1) programmatic demands for a publicly programmed podium and a private, set-back office tower and (2) staging a large-scale interaction with digital media in and around the podium. The podium and tower have conflicting agendas, as the tower is optimized for office layout and light while the podium must engage the street and house large-scale public programs. We present the podium as a light, media element and float it off the ground. It is dense with display and interaction with media of the tenant companies. Folding this media space upon itself defines a Media Terrace, an immersive space. We render digital media as physical space and physical events as media display.