Quatrefoil Table

There is a vigorous discussion on the future of work – what we will do, how and where we will do it. The cubicle office was discredited in favor of the open plan. Then open plan critics cried that we need more privacy. Currently MESH is behind the “micro-urban” model, where the workplace offers a varied topography of scales, sounds, light, and work modalities.

The Quatrefoil table can occupy a large meeting room or an open space. It is intended for a small group – a team within a larger company or a startup or an ad hoc collaboration. The geometry enables the group to meet together around a table or to pivot away to work independently or to break out into smaller groups. Personal materials may be kept on the arms, leaving the center area free for collaborative materials. We imagine a projection from the ceiling down onto the center surface, which could be interactive as conceived by Potion (potiondesign.com).