Random Access Memory

Random Access Memory is a backup archive for personal memories, for recollections important or trivial. Contribute your memories, and they are automatically stored by date. Visitors can browse them, by date, by subject or by name. RAM is a demonstration of what happens when personal information is compiled into a database that is accessible on a pseudonymous basis. Thus it performs two roles simultaneously, private and public. It stores information for the personal use of its member-visitors and it aggregates and indexes this information to amuse and enlighten all visitors. As more people use the system we will see what patterns emerge — we can observe what kinds of memories characterize certain years. You must enter a date, a person or a subject to view the memories. From any set of displayed memories, there are hyperlinks to the people and dates in the list. As with human memory, you cannot simply dump the database — you must seize upon a thread and free associate from there.randomaccessmemory.org