TKTS pavilion

This was an entry in a design competition sponsored by the van Alen Institute and Theater Development Fund. How can we expand the role of tkts in a new building, with intense activity during limited hours and its prominent location in the center of Times Square? Accommodate selling functions in transparent volumes that allow connection to the environment while separating activities. The tkts pavilion doesn’t just sell tickets. It becomes a device to redirect energy of Times Square out over the Internet. This project would establish as a direct link to the spectacle of Times Square and the world of Broadway shows by connecting a network of Times Square, Broadway theaters, and people worldwide. The result is a grand, 24-hour global theater to project the life of Times Square. The translucent boxes are constructed of self-supporting sandwich panels and the electronic mantle is fiberglass. The mantle opens during selling hours to expose ticket windows & closes at other times to expose only the interface.