C2C Home


We will engineer a new digital informational system that supports, monitors, connects, and maintains the construction of a new physical home and landscape throughout the stages of its life. Building components, materials, and equipment are organized in an evolving database incorporating feedback from builders, manufacturers, and dwellers. Planning & Building Orientation and sitting, desired layout plans and materials, and construction methods are detailed. Living & Maintaining The C2C-OS (operating system) monitors the mechanical and electrical systems, assesses water, waste, temperature and weather, and makes decisions based on reducing energy consumption and increasing comfort. For example, is enough heat coming from solar heating or should the heat pump be switched on? Is the water cistern full? Is there a northern flicker in the nest box? Disassembly & Reuse When a component is taken out of service, whether as part of an upgrade, renovation, or complete demolition, the database contains information about disassembly, recycling and/or disposal.