Greenwich Street Loft

The familiar story: an old warehouse space becomes a home. A media wall slices through on the diagonal, connecting front to back while opening the central space to western views. Paneled in fiberglass-plastic, the wall is full of lighting, sound, and network cable. An opening in the wall allows an isolation cube on casters to emerge or act as a projection device. The master bathroom is necessarily located on the interior, without windows. A bathroom without natural light is unfortunate, and it became clear that the solution is to open the bathroom to the bright bedroom. The only divider between the spaces is a sliding parachute nylon curtain. When the bathroom is in use, as part of the morning or nightly routine, it becomes part of the bedroom, a sanitary annex to the private bedroom space. When not in use, closing the curtain shields the view of the fixtures and creates a soft, backlit wall for the bedroom. Thus the spaces may be reconfigured with little effort. The walls are tiled with a custom pattern, where each tile represents a digital pixel in a gradient image given to the manufacturer. The gradient reinforces the motif of a transition from white wall to blue, or water.