Tomorrow’s Hotel Room


In the latter half of the 20th century, the hotel room has evolved from a place of respite, to one of work, to one of luxury. However, technology has evolved toward a seamless life/work ƒlow across all spaces and territories. The hotel room of the future will reƒlect versatility in the clever components and coordinated, functional continuity. We want to serve both comfort and eƒƒectiveness.  All modules can be interacted with digitally through both mobile phone and the main media wall screen. The notion of controls within the hotel room (thermostat, TV remote, phone) that the guest must ƒigure out upon checking in is obsolete. We propose a universal mobile app on the guest’s phone using a standard protocol to control everything. Not only does the guest have a room interface that he already knows, but preferences are stored so that upon entry all systems adjust to the new guest, not the other way around. You don’t check in to the room, you log into it. The mobile app serves as room key, controls lighting, temperature, minibar, and serves as interface to the multimedia wall and hotel services.  Individual component modules within the space can be upgraded and installed with ease. These components will consist of the meeting area, wet bar, sleeping area, bath area, etc. This allows for all other functions to be prefabricated oƒƒsite and plugged into the existing slab. Hotel components are easily upgraded to accommodate future technologies while aƒƒording a ƒlow in spatial functions.