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Some new projects hereā€¦


The 140,000 sf, MIRAE VENTURE office building in Seoul, Korea. The sleek, inflected facade and urban

amphitheater naturally draw visitors into the building.


The Millbrook pool house in upstate New York. A formal approach where the interaction of simple volumes results

in rich interior space. The vernacular style of the house is a foil for the modern open spaces within and the high-tech solar system that heats the house in

the winter and the pool in the summer.


Horatio St. Loft in the West Village transforms an old stable into a unique living space. The glowing, central media library infuses

the apartment with light and becomes the heart of this capacious loft.


Two brownstones in Ft. Greene will be completed in the next two months. Although quite different, both projects offer a unique

re-programming of space that allows the standard brownstone typology to work for each client. Bold color and the juxtaposition of the old with

the new are our signature design strategies.